How do I get started?

Find one of our consultants or send an email to: [email protected]

What is the minimum capital to load my account on the Exchange MaticBot?

There is no minimum value, however, we recommend starting with 0.002 BTC

MaticBot has how many cryptocurrencies?

We only work with Bitcoin cryptocurrency

Can I invite other customers?

Yes! When you sign up on our platform, you can refer customers and friends through the link: https://maticbot.com/(Your USER)

Can minors under 18 have an Exchange MaticBot account?

We do not allow the manipulation of values ​​by minors

I can't validate my account, how do I do it?

Go to your name in the top right corner and upload your documentation and prove to us that you are a real user

Can I cash out at any time?

Yes! Capital is under its management

How do I register 2FA?

It is a second security check that allows a user to make a withdrawal only after using the second check

How does profit charging work?

When carrying out an arbitration, the fee will be divided into: 60% for MaticBot for the provision of the service; and 40% for the user.